Hacked & Unblocked Stick War 2? WoW, Awesome!

Stick War 2Check controls of the game in the first place:

In order to control units and use other features of the game you will only need your mouse and nothing more. For additional details check game tutorial.

I can see that you are looking for Stick War 2 Hacked, well you can scroll up and enjoy game up there and down here I will tell you about the game so listen carefully:
First of all this game allows you to select two different gaming options: campaign and online mode, choose your favorite one and continue.
If you will select campaign you will have option to choose from three different difficulty levels: normal, hard and insane, if you are newbie start with the first one – normal.
After that you will see small tutorial of the game which will give you clear idea how things work in Stick War 2 Hacked, what kind of units are there, what kind of resources you can obtain and how to control game itself.
Watch this tutorial carefully because game is pretty complicated and it will take a while to master it.
Game is similar to popular SuperFighters Unblocked, well known fighting game with interesting gameplay and plot.

Now I know your main question is what kind of hack is this and how to use it, well answer is simple use K button (from your keyboard) in the game in order to obtain 1000 gold and use L button to obtain 1000 mana, that’s it, pretty simple right?

This is wonderful strategy game which features stickman, this game has tons of weapons, tons of units, different resources, different upgrades and I know for sure that you will find it very interesting.