Happy Wheels Unblocked Online

This game might shock you, you may even find it disturbing at some point, but you sure won’t be able to hold your laugh when you will play Happy Wheels. Thing is at the first glance it looks like an ordinary racing flash game, but the more you play the more crazy things start to happen. Your character starts to lose his body parts along the way, he might bleed out, but still he will continue his racing no matter what. Welcome to the club, where your number one priority is reaching finish line (even if it means your death).

Now let’s dive into details more: so this game belongs to racing carnage category, it is made with ragdoll physics engine and all movements look super realistic. Game also has some iconic characters which look super funny; these characters alone can make you laugh hard. There are tons of different maps, each map contains sneaky traps which are extremely hard to avoid, in fact some areas on the map are like challenges that you have to overcome. What I like most about this game is possibility to build your own map, with your own obstacles and scenarios; all this however is available in the Happy Wheels Unblocked, not in the ordinary version. There are also some fan made maps available and they are extremely popular among the gamers.

I’m 100% sure that you won’t be able to reach finish line at the first try, game is pretty hard and challenging, it will take couple of mistakes before you will figure out how to handle it. A lot of YouTubers play Happy Wheels full game and they share their videos on their channels, if you find it extremely hard to pass some of the levels you can check how other players handle these maps. But for the best experience, it is always better to try yourself, I’m pretty sure that there are now impossible situations in Happy Wheels.

In conclusion, main focus of the game is to bring you a lot of entertainment and joy with a help of dark humor, you will enjoy playing this game and you will laugh hard at the same time.

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