Play Super Smash Flash 4 – Epic fighting game

Flash games have always been fun to play. They are simply little time wasters, full of small gameplay ideas that can go for an hour or two. It feels nice to be able to spank a few primates, pop a few bloons, or even defend a monastery when you have a chance to do so between appointments, say in a tiny computer window that could be closed in real time just in case your Boss or teacher popped in unannounced.

However, sometimes a crazy player decides to invest so much effort on a flash game, and that’s when they unmistakably find themselves playing Super Smash Flash 4 on this site –

Super Smash Flash 4

It’s a sequel, just the same way its name suggests. The original version of this game was a tidy little diversion, and nothing more. You only used a 2-button attack system, and you utilized one of those to jump. The game was fun, especially if you had a friend joining you.

To be exact, the game is not yet done. Developer is yet to implement a few modes. So you expect to see the stadium, training and brawl modes – perhaps the first place you’d want to go.

Just like in other console games, you can pause at any moment, take a snapshot and save it in your PC. The rules are also customizable, just as the controls are. Not only do players have stock and time battles, but they can also have a timed stock battle as well. You can also switch various items on and off whenever you prefer to do so.

We won’t forget mentioning the annoying hedgehog who freezes everyone with their psychic powers, Samba De Amigo fiesta that forces all battlers to start dancing, and also the smash balls, which play an active role as well.

The Controls
Now, we have 4 functional buttons, and all of them do what you expect them to do. Players have the shield & dodge button, the grapple button, the special attack button, and normal launch attack button.

Smash attacks are also possible. You achieve this by hitting an attack and a direction at the same time. Again, controls feel tight and super responsive this time round. The physics of the game also feel just right. You will never blame yourself for any loss incident you incur with the game.

The Glitches

When you play the demo version, the computer might prove to be more intelligent at all time. There are even certain instances where characters will stand still until they are attacked, or sometimes they decide to throw themselves off-stage without any reason, but overally Super Smash Flash 4 is stable and smooth game so you don’t really have to worry about anything.

We blame Fox, because he’s the biggest offender here. Fox Phantom has simply been the biggest offender, both to human players and the computer. However, we expect this to the fixed in the final version.

The pros
– Plenty of characters to play with
– Many game modes
– All characters have distinctive powers

-Graphics are big size, so they load slow in some computers.

Super Smash Flash 4 is one of the most popular flash games on the web, heating 400,000 plays a day on McLeodGaming platform. Just like we said, if you have time to idle around, this flash game will keep you busy.

Hope you enjoyed my guide, see ya soon lads 🙂

Play World of Solitaire

Play World of Solitaire

What is the best way to chill and relax at work? Answer is simple – World of Solitaire. Now this is web based online Solitaire game, you can play it from browser without installing anything and the best site so far is of course official blog. I personally admire this site so much, whenever I get bored at my work in the office I always visit this blog and enjoy my time with World of Solitaire.

Solitaire games iconAs you know this is classic card game, I remember it was extremely popular with windows 2000 and other versions, when Microsoft decided to release their operation system with this inbuilt card game.

This version of the game looks pretty smooth and graphics are also attractive, developers did awesome job and I must say playing this online game is wonderful experience.

Controls of the game are pretty much simple, just like in Text Twist 2 (this is another free puzzle game which can be found at; all you need is your mouse and nothing else. What is really important is that you must know strategy of the game well in order to succeed in it. If you know this card game well you have nothing to worry about.

There are different versions of the game as well available, like for example: one card mode, three card mode, spider solitaire, freecell, wasp solitaire and many more, all of these versions are available at official site, you can play it online and also join discussion in comments section, we always like to hear what our visitors think about our blog.

game banner solitaire

Now little bit about the game itself, so World of Solitaire is pretty much strategy type of the game which requires from you skill and luck, combination of these two will definitely help you to succeed in the game; same tactic can be applied to Sugar Sugar 3, give it a try at official site. Changing cards from specific piles and also getting some small luck is all you need. You main objective is to transfer the deck into the four foundations and you must achieve it in the least possible time, it may sound kind of easy, but don’t underestimate game or else you will fail.

I think I have covered all important aspects of this amazing card game, if you have more questions you can scroll down and leave them in comments section, I will gladly answer all of them.

Play online Stick RPG 2 @ SubaruAircraft

Here you go guys, second version of the game which is called – Stick RPG 2, there are some new interesting features, updates, cities, missions and quests, stats, etc. Tons of new options, game graphics seem to be more attractive as well, game comes in 3D format and everything seems to be well developed in terms of buildings and objectives.

This game like the most RPG games is extremely addicting and interesting, some people say that you can finish this game in four hours, but to be honest most people can’t stop even after finishing the game, because there are a lot of other things you can do and it is really fun.

Play online Stick RPG 2 @ SubaruAircraft
First thing first, when you start to play Stick RPG 2 you have 0$, you have 100% HP, no items and nothing, this is what I call fresh start, later on you can fix this problem by working in different facilities, you can also increase your knowledge and make your character Mr. Smarty Pants (lolz), the more stats you get the more money you can earn in the game. You can develop your character in many different directions, choice is yours. There are tons of different buildings in the game, many interesting events, explaining each detail will take us far, I think it will be better if you will explore secrets of this city yourself.

You can get useful gifts by completing different quests; this is what makes game really interesting and catches your attention, system of objectives is main idea of RPG games and it is also main reason why this category is so popular nowadays.

In order to understand what you have to do next, or for example to find out what is specific building for read pop-up dialog windows, it has all the useful data in it.

Stick RPG 2
is much like a real world, there are gyms, banks, working options, etc. One thing what is different is that scenario here can be a lot more interesting rather than in reality. Once again, RPG games are awesome in terms of escaping reality and enjoying your free time.

Another great thing is that now there are three worlds available in the game (if I’m right), explore each one and complete all missions.

Oh, I’ve almost forgotten to mention main news, Stick RPG 2 now has continue button which allows you to save your game progress! This was huge surprise for me!

Play Return Man 3 – American Football In Action

The ABC of the Game
Did you know that return man 3 was the most popular game in 2013 relating to American football? It is a fabulous online flash game that was released in June of the same year. This is the third part of a sequel that provides players with opportunity to show off their football skills by playing challenging but very interesting levels. Just like American football, the mission in the game is the same in that the player has to catch the ball and run with it to the finish line while avoiding strong defenders.

Play Return Man 3 - American Football In ActionWhat Makes the Game Enjoyable?
The game is enjoyable across board and affords every player fun irrespective of gender, age or background. This game has become very popular even among football players and it is not uncommon to find positive reviews from those who have indulged. This third level provides players with a smooth playing experience since it has few errors with fixed minor bugs. In liaison with fans, the developers have tried to minimize the errors significantly so that players can enjoy to the latter. It is amazing how players get stuck to the screen while playing this game.

Playing tips
This third sequel is best enjoyed when you act like a player in the football pitch; take the ball and run to your opponents as you avoid defenders since they will appear to distract you on your way as you run towards the precious trophy. You need to remember that only a real touchdown will be considered as a football score. If you do not make it, you fail and the game will restart. While at it, players are introduced to different levels which differ in complexity and so they have to try and think of smart moves that will help them overcome opponent players.

It becomes more exciting as you progress with the game since you get to unlock exceptional upgrading abilities. In return man 3, players enjoy superb graphics and amazing tasks since it is the last version of this game. This is the best way for American football fans to get hands on with the game they love most. How about getting online and signing up to play this amazing flash game. You are assured of great graphics, beautiful designs, advanced tools, and amazing levels all of which are free. Check out some reviews and see how many people are enjoying playing this game.